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An interactive donor wall display is a unique way to recognize contributions

An Interactive Donor Wall Display Is A Unique Way To Recognize Contributions

Are you looking for a new way to recognize the people who support your business or organization? One of the most high-tech and effective tools for doing this in the modern era is a tool that not only acts as a magnet for attention but enhances the image of your organizational entity. It is called an interactive donor wall display.

Yet another cutting edge solution offered by the digital signage format, this type of system can show your contributors that you really appreciate what they’ve done for you while at the same time building your public image as an innovative, modern organization. It’s truly a tasteful solution for the modern era.

In the past, the means in which we chose to recognize donors were often drab an uninteresting. Sometimes we would place a row of plaques on a wallor even just one plaque with a list of names. Boring.

These types of displays didn’t get much attention and often went completely unnoticed. But an interactive donor wall display is a captivating feature in any environment and demands attention. It’s not the type of thing you can ignore.

This type of digital signage display comes with special software designed specifically to recognize people who have contributed to your organization. Photos of donors are set to be constantly moving across the screen, so when someone is passing by it immediately grabs the eye and invites a closer look. There is even a special application to show donors who have contributed the most in a “featured donor” spot.

Viewers can then flip through different profiles and bring subjects of interest to the forefront of the screen and read their biographies–it is all based on touch-screen technology. Biography information can be as detailed as you want and even include images of the result of a donors money.

This is a great solution for organizations who receive a lot of contributions as there are typically an unlimited amount of different profiles allowed.

Show your appreciation for funds or time given in a cutting edge way and let your contributors know just how much their generosity means to your organization. An interactive donor wall display encourages donor recognition by allowing the viewer to interact with and search for anyone that you want to recognize.

This is a fantastic solution for universities, hospitals, companies, and other professional entities that are always looking for a better way to recognize those who sustain them.

What does it really take to make it in online business

What Does It Really Take To Make It In Online Business?

Making it in the world of online business could seem crazy to say the least. Many marketers will tell you its easy, nothing to it, make thousands overnight. They promise you’ll be rich in no time. Many are scams to get your hard earned money. Money you really can’t afford to lose. They offer very little if any real information that you can really use. I know, I have tried many of these programs. So that said, you’re probably wondering what does it take then for me to succeed?

First of all, you need determination and a strong desire to succeed. Without these two things you will not make it. If you’re not totally committed and you do not desire to succeed it will not happen. If you tell yourself it’s too hard or that you don’t know if you can do it, you will fail. It’s that simple! You need to tell yourself that you will succeed no matter what and then stick with that attitude. A positive attitude is what I think may be the biggest thing you will need to make it in online business. So many people struggle and run into problems, then say, “It’s not working” or “I just can’t do this”, then they give up not knowing that they were so close to succeeding. There will be times when things aren’t working, then you’ll have to make changes or find another way or a better program. You may not make it the first time, but don’t give up. Remember be persistent, keep at until you get it right.

Another thing you will need is knowledge. You don’t need to know it all but you need to have some idea. You need to find an area that you like or know about. It could be anything from cars, pets, and health, to making money online. Find your “niche” then read up on those subjects. Get as much info as you can. Read newsletters, articles, go to web pages then decide what you want to sell. You can’t just jump into this blind and expect to be rich in no time. It doesn’t work like that. You may get lucky but chances are it won’t happen. There are good programs out there that really want to help you succeed and then there are many who just want your money. You know they say that 90% of all online businesses fail. What you want is to be in the 10% that make it.

So now what? You have an idea about what you want to sell or push so how do you get it started? What I have found is that the money is in affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is when you sell a product or service that someone else has. You join an affiliate program, determine what product or products that you want to sell. Every time you make a sale you get a commission or percentage of that sale. This could be very lucrative if you sell a lot of these products because the commissions are usually very high. These marketers need you to sell their products so they can make money and they will pay you handsomely to do that. Sounds simple right? Well it’s not.

There is a lot you need to do as the affiliate. You need to get people to buy. So how do you get these people you ask? Well, there are many ways including getting a web page, creating a “squeeze page” to get people to opt in to your newsletter or online course. There’s pay per click ads, search engines, writing articles, viral marketing, banner ads and many other ways too numerous for me to get into in this article. It takes know how and much time and work but it can be done. Many of these affiliate programs offer training guides and many of the products or services that you will be promoting are programs that offer ways to make money. Read their sites carefully. Some offer tons of information. Try to offer products you have tried or did research on and you feel comfortable they do what they say. You surely don’t want to scam people. People need to feel they can trust you or they simply will not buy. They work hard for their money and hate to be tricked out of it.

I have tried many programs with little luck, but there are good ones out there. I am currently am using one I really like because they set you up with everything you need. They give you a website, an auto responder filled with newsletters and e-books, a thirty day training guide and so much more. The best part is this is done for free and it’s up and running in 24 hours. The other reason I like it is because it offers affiliate programs that have residual incomes which mean when people sign up to these programs you get paid every month they are a member. This means huge profits for you in the long run. The more people that you sign up, the more money you make every month. Now even though I said they do this free you still have some out of pocket expenses. You must pay for the site to be hosted every month, and the free auto responder should be upgraded to get all the benefits, but these costs are minimal compared to what you get. You may also have to pay to advertise. There are many different ways. The thirty day program takes you step by step into how to get people to your site. Most of the work is done but there is still much more you must do to make the site profitable, as with any business.

The bottom line is this, with the right attitude, hard work, knowledge and the right affiliate programs you can be very successful in making money with an online business. You have to decide for yourself what you want to sell, how you want to do it and set goals for yourself. It could be hard but, but it also could be fun. The knowledge itself is worth the time and effort. I truly believe you create your own circumstances. Put every thing into it and you will get everything out of it! Good Luck!

You don’t need a green thumb to grow an outdoor zen garden

You don’t need a green thumb to grow an outdoor Zen garden


In a perfect world, growing an attractive vegetable or flower garden to accentuate your patio area would be as easy as planting seeds and watching them grow. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Creating an outdoor Zen garden provides hope (and peace and tranquility as well) for those who don’t have the time, skill or patience to grow and sustain a more traditional garden.

“When you think of a Zen garden, you think of the desktop variety — you know, a little rectangular box with some white sand, stones and a few rakes–but you can create the same thing on a larger scale outdoors if you have the space,” said Sara Shragal of DirectBuy.

To make your own outdoor Zen garden, mark off the space where you would like to build it. If you’re not sure how large to build your Zen garden, a typical desktop Zen garden is 12 inches wide by seven inches long. So, if you do a little multiplying, you can keep those same proportions, but on a larger scale (e.g. 12 feet wide by 7 feet long).

Once you’ve blocked off your space, you need to create the frame for the garden. You can use 2” x 4” pieces of lumber, rail ties or any other kind of wood you prefer. Nail, screw or glue the four pieces of wood together, then decorate it with paint, stain or varnish, whichever you prefer.

You will want to lay down a weed retainer (e.g. a sheet of black plastic) within the mold before you fill it with sand or gravel. While you can find sand and gravel at most garden shops, you may want to check out the local rock shop, quarry or landscaping supply company for larger gardens. Fill your Zen garden with a minimum of two inches of sand or gravel. This will help minimize bare patches once you start raking patterns.

“In filling up your Zen garden, you want to create a visually stimulating theme. Beside rocks, you can use mossy logs, driftwood, statues and other items that are interesting from a color, shape or texture perspective,” said Shragal. “Just remember not to clutter up your Zen garden with too many items. Keep it peaceful and simple.”

Adds Shragal, “In terms of raking, rake the sand or gravel in long, curving strokes to represent water ripples. You can use as many or as few patterns as you like to accentuate your garden. And unlike a real garden, you can change it up any time you want!”

Another idea you may want to consider is adding light to your Zen garden. Selectively placed lighting and colored bulbs can add another dimension to your Zen garden, especially at night.

In addition to guidance on outdoor projects like creating your own Zen garden, DirectBuy offers nearly every product you might need to convert your patio into your outdoor living area—all at insider prices direct from the manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. In addition, DirectBuy also employs product specialists and designers, so if you need some assistance in selecting products or just a second opinion, you have seasoned professionals at your service.

For more information on a DirectBuy membership, you can visit

About DirectBuy

For more than 38 years, DirectBuy has been showing thousands of consumers unparalleled ways to save as they shop for virtually everything for in and around their homes – from furnishings, home improvement and flooring, to entertainment and outdoor products, accessories and much, much more. With more than 160 locations in North America, DirectBuy offers its members access to approximately 700 brand-name manufacturers and their authorized suppliers in the US, and more than 500 brand-name manufacturers and authorized suppliers in Canada.

Consumers interested in seeing DirectBuy’s savings, service and selection up close may obtain a Visitor’s Pass to attend an Open House by visiting or

Electronic medical claim billing: concept and benefits

Electronic Medical Claim Billing: Concept And Benefits

Generally, manual process of claim billing takes nearly 60 to 75 days for complete transaction whereas electronic process requires just 10 days!

Electronic medical claim billing is continuously emerging business in medical services industry. Currently, doctors are placing huge numbers of claims per month and to process all claims require more time and money. So electronic billing system is must to automation of claim billing process. By having electronic medical claim billing services, medical practitioner can offer better medical services.

Electronic medical claim billing service helps you to get out of routine task such as manual record maintenance of data and treatment. The service offers assistance to simplify the complex process of claim. If medical practitioners have the service, they can divert their specialized skills and knowledge in patient care.

Benefits of having electronic medical claim billing service:

•    Allows the integration between hospital system and insurance company system

•    No need to install software as well as No maintenance cost

•    Minimize the time of reimbursement of insurance

•    Very easiness in submitting the claim to insurance companies or government body

•    Real time checking the status of the claim

•    Save more numbers of patient related electronic data than manual records

•    Customized patient medical and personal data; that includes location, medical history, diagnosis, tests, list of allergies, insurance policy, detail of insurance company and other important information

•    Get the timely patient status reports with automatic electronic billing service

•    Store and retrieve any patient related information after any number of years

•    Lessen the number of errors in claim with electronic medical claim billing as compared to manual task

•    Processing more numbers of claims per day as the computation gets completed very quickly

•    High accuracy of the information for your claims

•    Cash flow improvement with quick rotation time

There are many medical claim billing companies offering electronic medical claim billing services. You can outsource to that company. Mostly they are charging some percentage of the money collected or on the number of claims dealt.

Statistics show that billing companies are helping their client to generate millions of dollars against claim every year. So, you can get benefit from such company which offers electronic medical claim billing.

Don't set sail to fail | mlm navigation | cory alan

Don't Set Sail to Fail | MLM Navigation | Cory Alan

Network Marketers know that as many as 97% of the people that join an MLM Company quickly fail or simply just quit. Don’t let this happen to you. Get the proper MLM Training first and set your course for success. It only makes sense to find out what the other 3% are doing and use their map. Knowing what NOT to do, is just as important as knowing what to do.

When you find good MLM Training and step back from the hype of a new found “miracle product” or the “rags to riches” story being told at an opportunity meeting, you can quickly see why most newbies often and unknowingly enter dangerous waters from the very start. Understanding what NOT to do can insure smooth sailing to success.

To better illustrate the 97% failure phenomenon, let’s look at what is commonly found in that scenario.

Most people that are seeking a Home-Based Business or considering Network Marketing for the first time are usually in financial pain or trying to out run a money crisis. Short on cash, growing credit card debt, fear of losing their job or even worrying about whether they can ever afford to retire are all real scenarios that motivate people to start a home-based business and lead them to discover MLM or Network Marketing.

Unfortunately, the need can be blinding and people jump in too fast. The initial allure of the “work from home”, “make extra cash”, or “no prior experience needed,” seems to justify setting aside their fear and any red flags. So they end up with a Starter Pack that includes product samples and maybe even a cookie-cutter marketing system offering limited MLM Training.

Quickly they find themselves with $500 less in the bank, an obligation to purchase a minimum auto-ship of $128.42 per month including tax and shipping, as well as a subscription to a marketing website at a cost of $19.95 per month.

The sad thing is, this is just the surface of the new obligations this new “entrepreneur-hopeful” has just taken on. We are all amateurs when we first start and often so focused on our goals, dreams, and aspirations that we overlook basic business principles. Network Marketing is a business and like any other business it takes effort and an investment of time, money, and tools to run.

So let’s go back to our Newbie. Now in business, he’s one of the most determined, upbeat and motivated new affiliates his up line has sponsored in a while. He’s busy attending weekly training calls, exploring the company website and compensation plan, product features and ways to utilize all of the tools and systems included in his “marketing package” – all awhile telling every sole he knows all about this incredible opportunity he has for them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet know or fully understand the main obstacles he will soon face. . .

1. Lack of quality prospects or leads.

2. Lack of “how to” network marketing training for himself, product and business.

3. Lack of duplication. MLM is all about marketing and educating others – without these skills you are not able to duplicate yourself.

4. Lack of Capital. Not realizing what is required to successfully start and run a Network Marketing Business.

Let me focus on the fourth point, as it is the biggest culprit in causing the 97% failure rate we spoke of before.

Our newbie has jumped into the business and scraped up the initial $200 to $500 required to join. We know that he got involved because he was short of cash and needing to make some extra income immediately. Unfortunately, he’s just at the start of a long process to get his business up and running not to mention the monthly financial obligation that is required to run and maintain his new business. These costs can include:

Autoships are required purchases. Mandatory autoships can range from $40 to $500 a month with the average being around $100, plus tax and shipping.

Gas is needed to get out and promote the business by attending meetings, joining local mixers and doing all that is suggested from his upline. Gas is not cheap, now he’s spending $75-$150 monthly on fuel.

Weekly Events must be attended to be a good Networker. He will be expected to attend all the company sponsored events, training workshops, and hotel opportunity meetings. There is parking, meals, and even fees to help cover the cost of the meeting facility for affiliates that can cost $25 to $50 a month.

Travel may not be every month, but there are training courses and company regional and national conventions he will want to attend that require travel, hotels, rental cars, and meals. These costs can easily average out to $150-$400 a month.

Supplies are another cost required for promoting the product and business using business cards, flyers, post-card mailers and the like.

Inventory of product samples, brochures, and even CDs or DVDs as handouts is smart to keep on hand, but adds to the monthly financial obligations.

Leads are still needed to make all of this work and there’s only so much family and friends that our newbie can enlist. A reasonable lead source can easily cost $100-$200 a month to purchase.

So, now when we take a look at what is really happening, our newbie’s goal to create a new stream of income has resulted in a new bill every month! He took a leap of faith and jumped in to what he thought was solving his financial dilemma when in fact he’s added another $600-$1,200 a month to his problem. Soon he’s dipping into savings to cover business expenses and commissions are eaten up by monthly obligations which fuels his desperate need for immediate cash so he begins to cut corners and takes his eye off the important business principles that ignite a vicious cycle. This is the common mistake of most beginners.

The average Network Marketer QUITS within 63 days. You can see why!

So now you have to ask the question, “How do I avoid making the same mistake?”

I’ll tell you. Implementing good MLM Training and doing what the successful 3% of network marketers do can avoid this nightmare.

First, focus on lead generation or collecting prospects by attracting leads that may or may not ever join your opportunity, but who need MLM Training to learn the truth about Network Marketing and how they can generate their own leads.

Then, funnel them through a support Affiliate funnel system that offers the education, tools, and systems they will need to run their own business. By directing them to your affiliate funnel system this will monetize your lead base and generate cash for you while you are prospecting.

The commissions you collect from your funnel system are used to further increase your marketing efforts and when you reach the point of break-even (where you are getting as many new leads as you could possibly use – all at no expense to you) or even start having extra cash at the end of the month – you are now ready to invest in your own home-based Network Marketing Business.

The money you earn while generating leads now funds all your operating expenses, i.e. gas, auto-shipments, inventory, supplies, travel, etc. This also places you in a no-pressure situation to conduct your Network Marketing opportunity with others better enabling you to work from a secure place of giving while you educate and inspire your business affiliates to succeed. Plus, the fact that all of your leads for your new business are brought in through a marketing system instead of “a business opportunity meeting” you have now duplicated yourself and have a team of people that is aware of what it really takes to succeed and more equipped and trained to market themselves – therefore creating a situation where more of your affiliates will succeed resulting in a strong retention rate while strengthen your residual income.

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